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Power Punch 911

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Power Punch 911

Power Punch911 is "Portable Fire Extinguishing Spray" without any safety pin which is usable as long as the fire retardant agent remains and shaving cream can sized and also easily can be used by child, elderly, woman and the disabled.


  • Simple
       Power Punch911 sprays fire retardant at the press of a button so it's easily used by anyone.
  • Economical
       5 years shelf life. Useable as long as the fire retardant agent remains. An excellent value
  • Safe
       Specially manufactured interior 4-flex pouch. Stable with no risk of accidental discharge even at high temperatures. Frost-proof agent allows use at temperatures below freezing.
  • Powerful
       Great for use in kitchens, electrical fires, car fires, etc.. Especially, one can of Power Punch 911 matches the effectiveness of a regular fire extinguisher for vegetable or animal oil fires in kitchen.
  • Eco-friendly
       Uses air as propellant. Non-polluting. Leaves no chemical stain or permanent residue. Colorless and odorless.


  • Not even freezing -20 degrees. (-4°F)
  • Spray distance 4m
  • Pure air is very safe propellant.
  • USA, Japan, Malaysia are exported.
  • World's smallest goods goes into the glove box size.
  • Development of Korea's first fire extinguishing spray.
  • 4layer special pouch made of temperature and pressure is very safe to use.
  • K .F. I (korea Fire Institute) Mark from KC.
  • Certification : ISO 9001 / ISO 14001
  • KITA : K+Certification



  • Spray time : 20sec
  • Spray distance : 10~13ft
  • Agent : k2co3 +4
  • Temperature.: -30℃~80℃ (-22°F~176°F)
  • Gross weight : 13 oz
  • Term of validity : 5 years
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Power Punch 911